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The Absolute Business Success Podcast Show

Oct 28, 2019

Why She Does What She Does - Carol Evans, Consultancy and Coaching Interviews Women Who Inspire.

Today, Carol interviews the fabulous Nathalie Moreau, a professional in the corporate world by day, but shortly to be joining a scientific sailing voyage as one of 300 women on a mission to raise awareness and finding...

Oct 23, 2019

In this episode I am interviewing Emma Cossey, a career and life coach for freelancers, about "Why She Does What She Does". Listen in for great inspiration and to hear tips and advice drawn from Emma's experience and find out why she decided to go in to business and work for herself

Oct 6, 2019


Meetings can be the bane of everyone's life.

In addition they are likely to be very costly for a company to run - especially when the focus is not clear and actions are not followed up...

Listen to the podcast and find out how to make yours really efficient and totally cost effective.



How To Make Meetings Matter...

Oct 6, 2019


Real Business Success Comes When You Have the Confidence to be Creative

Put your hand up if you think of yourself as “creative”.

My guess is that unless you are in a “creative” business you will not consider yourself to be creative. Many of us start a business because we are technically the best. We know our...

Oct 3, 2019

In this episode of The Absolute Business Podcast, I look at some very simple tips that the super successful use to give them the edge. There's nothing complicated. It's sensible advice but often easily overlooked for more complex solutions. 


If you are in business you probably already know that you have to be...